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How much does EngagementIQ cost?

It's free! EngagementIQ is provided at no cost by Fond. We don't even ask you for any payment information. That's how free it is.

What are the 6 questions?

We're glad you asked! Our questions address topics ranging from if an employee feels recognized or valued at work to whether or not they plan to be at the company in one year. You’ll be able to preview all 6 questions before you send the survey.

Where did these questions come from and what do they measure?

Our questions are designed to assess the core components of employee engagement—purpose, recognition, and connection. Additionally, the first question of survey provides companies with their Employee Net Promoter Score or eNPS, which serves as a measurable baseline for how your employees are feeling at work.

Why does employee engagement matter?

A lot of reasons, but it's also just good business sense! Studies show that employees who are engaged and happy at work are 31% more productive, achieve 37% higher sales, and are 3x more creative. Furthermore, happy employees are more productive and committed, have fewer sick days, and provide superior customer service. The bottom line: engaged, happy employees mean a more successful company.

Can employees see the results of the survey?

No. Only the EngagementIQ account creator can view the aggregate results of the survey. While some companies choose to share the survey results with their employees to foster discussion and start finding solutions, that decision is entirely up to you as the account holder.

Are you going to spam my employees?

No. Employee email addresses you provide will only ever be used to send the actual survey.

Can I see who submitted which answers?

No. At EngagementIQ, we have an anonymity guarantee to ensure employees feel comfortable giving honest feedback.This means we won’t share any information about which recipients submitted the survey or what their specific answers were. You will be able to see aggregate results to each question once at least 3 employees have submitted their responses. Remember, to get an accurate pulse on your company, this anonymity guarantee is crucial.